Heroes Land
2 min readAug 29, 2022

Aki village, which has trained countless famous assassins, every 10 years, the village elders will hold a contest to find people with enough talent and qualities to teach martial arts.

Vagaz — a young assassin who emerged as the best candidate for the championship position, with natural talent and effort from an early age, Vagaz can use daggers, darts, swords.

He is very skillful, agile, and extremely accurate. Vagaz is looking forward to the moment to receive the right to practice the ultimate martial arts left by his ancestors.

🧝🏻‍♂️ Name: Vagaz

⚡️Element: Shadow

💥 Race: Elf

⚔️ Class: Assassin


An NFT-based Match-3 RPG Game — https://heroesland.io/

Heroes Land combines entertaining Match-3 puzzles and the typical antagonistic properties of the RPG genre based on BSC blockchain technology.

Players participate in in-game activities to collect NFT items and earn tokens. The large player community of Match-3 develops a high number of NFT’s owners.

Here is the uniqueness of Heroes Land that makes it a P2E Game potentially attracting thousands of new players:

  • Unique Combination of Match-3 and RPG gameplay
  • Balancing between Entertainment and Earning
  • Diverse Heroes and Gears System
  • Unique Land

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