Legend has it that in the Halacia continent, all fire is part of the soul of the God of Fire — Parades. He is the god who controls all fires, deciding when they burn or die out.

He holds in his hand the power of the Primordial Flame. With that magical fire, just a raw iron can turn into a sharp sword, an empty pot can cook a delicious meal without ingredients. The Primordial Flame can burn forever without fuel.

Parades kept the Primordial Flame with extreme care to avoid any mortals, but many times they successfully stole the divine flame and brought it back to use. Their greed then caused the whole city to burn down because the Primordial Flame, once ignited, could only be sealed with a special spell from Parades.

In the next Beta test, Parades will have his first appearance in the game. He is among the few Legendary Heroes out there that can deal insane damage to enemies.

Are you excited to try out the God of Fire in the Final Beta test? Get ready cuz’ it’s coming soon!

🧝🏻‍♂️ Name: Parades

⚡️Element: Fire

💥 Race: God

⚔️ Class: Wizard


An NFT-based Match-3 RPG Game — https://heroesland.io/

Heroes Land combines entertaining Match-3 puzzles and the typical antagonistic properties of the RPG genre based on BSC blockchain technology.

Players participate in in-game activities to collect NFT items and earn tokens. The large player community of Match-3 develops a high number of NFT’s owners.

Here is the uniqueness of Heroes Land that makes it a P2E Game potentially attracting thousands of new players:

  • Unique Combination of Match-3 and RPG gameplay
  • Balancing between Entertainment and Earning
  • Diverse Heroes and Gears System
  • Unique Land

Should you have any questions about our project, please visit our official channels for more detailed information.

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