🏰 Sneak Peek: Own, Build and Earn from your Land NFT

Heroes Land
1 min readDec 12, 2022

Halacia is a digital Land where people come together with their Heroes to play, earn and live in a sustainable economy. While Land NFT is limited in number, the players have unlimited potential to develop it into the power house of their heroes.

🏰 Owning Digital Assets: Digital ownership of limited land resources is what makes it valuable. Each piece of Land is an NFT and can be traded in the marketplace.

🏰 Building your Homebase: Players can develop their Land with 11 types of building, including resource mining, crafting, hero training, trading, PvP… Everyone can customize and build according to their needs.

🏰 Earning from your Lands: Land can produce resources and gears to be traded with other players. Each landowner can run their own business in Heroes Land.

Our team is working all-in to release Land feature in Q2/2023. Feel free to discuss with us your ideas to make this even better in Discord or Telegram.

🔨 Let’s build together!

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