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2 min readApr 23, 2022

Hey Heroes,

In Heroes Land, the core combat mechanic is built based on the simplicity of match-3 puzzles and the complexity of RPG. Each hero ís assigned to one element. Thus, understanding the character of the five elements: Fire, Ice, Nature, Shadow, Light will give you an advantage in playing & winning!


Fire, Ice, Nature are like rock, paper, scissors. Each element is effective against one other element, while vulnerable to another element.

In clockwise direction, your attack against a vulnerable enemy will be doubled, but on the other way around, you only deal half damage.

For example, if your hero is Fire type, you will deal double damage to Nature type, but only half damage to Ice type.


Shadow and Light are two opposing elements. Either way, they will deal double damage to each other.

With the 5 elements, each battle in Heroes Land will progress dynamically, players must plan ahead for the battle. Knowing when and what to attack is crucial for the success of your hero team. The right element will boost your attack, but be careful with the opposite elements!


An NFT-based Match-3 RPG Game — https://heroesland.io/

Heroes Land combines entertaining Match-3 puzzles and the typical antagonistic properties of the RPG genre based on BSC blockchain technology.

Players participate in in-game activities to collect NFT items and earn tokens. The large player community of Match-3 develops a high number of NFT’s owners.

Here is the uniqueness of Heroes Land that makes it a P2E Game potentially attracting thousands of new players:

  • Unique Combination of Match-3 and RPG gameplay
  • Balancing between Entertainment and Earning
  • Diverse Heroes and Gears System
  • Unique Land

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Heroes Land

Heroes Land — The New Era of Play to Earn NFT Game