Dear Heroes,

Heroes Land is a new and upcoming play-to-earn game combining Match-3 puzzles and RPG elements. Our game is being developed by the talented team at Sky Games and Sotanext. Only in Heroes Land, the economic model is our key innovation, as the game is a simulation of an active economy.

HALA token is the main token of Heroes Land and only 1 billion HALA will ever be issued. Not just a token, HALA is built to best support the community and provide the foundation for a stable economy in Heroes Land.

Players can use HALA to:

🔹 Buy NFT Items on Marketplace

🔹 Ascend Heroes, ascend Gears

🔹 Summon Heroes

🔹 Unlock Heroes Slots

🔹 Staking

🔹 Governance

HALA token can be earned by:

🔸Rewards in PvP, Raid Clan

🔸Shared revenue from Rewards Treasury

🔸Community Event

🔸Sell Heroes NFT, Gears NFT, Land NFT on Marketplace


An NFT-based Match-3 RPG Game — https://heroesland.io/

Heroes Land combines entertaining Match-3 puzzles and the typical antagonistic properties of the RPG genre based on BSC blockchain technology.

Players participate in in-game activities to collect NFT items and earn tokens. The large player community of Match-3 develops a high number of NFT’s owners.

Should you have any questions about our project, please visit our official channels for more detailed information.

Website | Twitter | Discord | Blog

Telegram Announcement

Facebook | Gameplay video



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Heroes Land

Heroes Land

Heroes Land — The New Era of Play to Earn NFT Game