The competition was so intense to the last minutes. After checking all entries, our team presents to the community our Best Referers.

🥇 Gold Referrer: Ariana68

150 USDT + 2 NFT Boxes

🥈 Silver Referrer: Ariana68

100 USDT + 2 NFT Boxes

🥉 Bronze Referrer: DitYa_eth

100 USDT + 2 NFT Boxes

🎁 2nd Best Referrer: Vinove82

50 USDT + NFT Box

🎁 3rd Best Referrer: Edward123

2 NFT Boxes

Your prize will be transferred after the event. Please DM your wallet address to our admins now.

If you haven’t made it to the Leaderboard, don’t hesitate to invite new players to #HeroesLand and claim the rest of $10,000+ prize pool now!

⚡ SPIN LUCKY WHEEL — 24,000 PRIZES — 100% guaranteed to earn reward

⚡ TEST YOUR LUCK to win 500 USDT & 1 LEGENDARY HERO in final raffle

👉Find out more: https://account-testnet.heroesland.io/referral

— —

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