Hey Heroes,

We told you this event is gonna be the easiest for Heroes Land community. Here is how you can win $10,000 prize pool without paying anything.

All you need to do is bring as many friends as you can to the party at Heroes Land. Everyone including you will have the chance to win Legendary NFT, Binance NFT boxes and USDT.

Follow 3 easy steps below:

1. Go to your game account page: https://account-testnet.heroesland.io/profile

Copy your unique referral URL in the game account page.

2. Send your referral URL to friends. Make sure they register new accounts with your unique link.

3. Assist new players to play Heroes Land

When your friends (the referees) reach the specified milestones in the game, BOTH will receive medals to participate in Leaderboard and Lucky Spin.

🥉 1 Bronze Medal (1 spin) when the referee successfully logs in to the game for the first time.

🥈 1 Silver Medal (3 spins) when your referee completes Campaign #1: Hilton Forest.

🥇 1 Gold Medal (5 spins) when your referee completes Campaign #3: Coldwing Mountain.

Remember to help new players out. You can send them some useful articles, the more they play, the more you can earn:

👉 How to claim FREE HERO BOX to play in Beta

👉 How to download and install Heroes Land Beta

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