Are you the one who Plays Everyday or Plays Like a Boss? Either way can earn tons of points for the Final Beta Leaderboard.

There are all the ways you can earn points:

🕹️ Play Everyday

Daily login — 15 points

Level up — 1 point

Complete 1 daily quest — 2 points

Win 3 PvP match per day (maximum 1 time per day) — 25 points

🕹️ Play Like A Boss

Complete campaign — 30 points

Summon — 50 points

Ascend — 50 points

Leaderboard Duration: 2 weeks

Leaderboard Prize Pool:

🏆 Champion: 150 USDT + 2 NFT boxes

🥈 Top 2: 100 USDT + 1 box

🥉 Top 3: 50 USDT

The Final Beta will continue soon next week! Which play style will you choose to win USDT Prize Pool & NFT Boxes? Tell us in the comment below!

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